Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super gets a new poster possibly showcasing its new villain.toei-anim.co.jp

Toei Animation, the studio behind upcoming anime TV series Dragon Ball Super, has unveiled its second trailer for the series. 

Though the trailer is less than half a minute, it contains visuals of the two mysterious characters, who resemble Beerus and Whis, who have been the topic of speculation for fans. The one who looks like Beerus is called Shanpa or Champa, while the other character could be his attendant, reported Saiyan Island.

That is not all, the trailer also showcases Beerus vs a red beast and others that feature Goku.

Meanwhile, the official Dragon Ball Super website has posted the plot details of the first episode of the upcoming series. It has to be noted that this is marginally different from an earlier plot summary that was provided via V-Jump magazine.

(YouTube Courtesy: Dragon Ball Z)

The new summary reads:

"While on Earth after the fierce fight with Majin Buu. Goku has been ordered by Chi Chi to work in agriculture every day while he trains as well. On the other hand, Mr Satan (Hercule) is said to have saved Earth for a second time and has won the World Peace Prize?!"

So, will we be seeing Goku farming the land as he polishes his training skills? It also mentions that Hercule might save Earth once again and get a World Peace Prize.

Dragon Ball Super will be rolled out on Japan's Fuji TV on 5 July, 2015.

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F Trailer

As Dragon Ball Super is currently only for the Japanese audience, what will the North American fans do? Well, there are plans to keep them occupied too.

IGN has revealed a new trailer for "Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F" movie, featuring an English dubbed voice.

Resurrection F will bring Golden Frieza to Earth, fighting against Goku. The events here will take place after the events of the movie, "Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods".

North American fans will get a limited release from 4 August to 12 August, 2015. For more information on tickets and locations, click here.

(YouTube Courtesy: IGN)