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In the upcoming episode titled "I Want to Meet Son Goku - A Call from Zenō-sama" of "Dragon Ball Super," it seems that Goku will find a new best friend as after meeting Zen-Chan, both will realise how similar their interests are.

As reported by Yibada, in the next episode, Goki will reach Lord Beerus' planet where Whis and Beerus tell him to visit the Omni-King's planet. When Goku asks whether it was about the grand tournament organized by the Omni-King or not, Whis and Beerus say that they don't know the exact reason.

Though Goku is a bit reluctant, Beerus succeeds to convince him for meeting the Omni-King before going back to Earth by the time machine. However, it would take Whis two days to reach the Omni-King's palace, hence, they decide to ask for Kaioshin's assistance.

Beerus tells Goku that his behaviour will decide the fate of the universe and if the Omni-King gets upset, he can destroy the whole universe, including Beerus' planet and Earth.

Elsewhere, after the repairing of the time machine is done, Mai rushes to inform about it to future Trunks, but Bulma stops her, telling her that Trunks needs some rest after his furious training session with Vegeta.

Beerus also warns Goku not to mention anything about Black Goku or the time machine in front of the Omni-King. He tells Whis to find the whereabouts of the Kaioshin and look after his safety.

Goku is surprised by Beerus' concern of the Kaioshin and he finally understood that the God of Destruction and the Kaioshin are like a set; if one of them is harmed or is dead, the same will happen to the other too.

Somewhere else, Zamasu and Gowasu reaches the planet Babari where the inhabitants are butchering each other for some unknown reason. The episode ends with Zamasu killing a barbarian after he attacks him, despite Gowasu's attempt to stop him.

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