Dragon Ball Xenoverse
Dragon Ball Super will air on Japanese Fuji TV.Facebook

Dragon Ball Super is the upcoming TV anime series that will initially air on Japanese TV and has created a lot of buzz among Dragon Ball Z fans. This is because Dragon Ball Super will be the first TV show after a gap of eight years.

Since its reveal, there has not been much information about the series, but over the past week, fans have been getting bits of information on the game's content. One of the rumours say that Dragon Ball Super is likely to gett a new villain in the TV seires.

"Dragon Ball Super, anime TV series is releasing in July and is based on Akira Toriyama's story. After meeting with God of Destruction Beerus, who has only woken up from a long sleep and after Frieza's resurrection who was once feared as the 'Emperor of the Universe'. A mysterious character will appear," said a Japanese tweet from the official Twitter account of Dragon Ball Super.

This post means that the TV series, Dragon Ball Super will be taking place after the events of "Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods," and "Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F." There will be a mysterious character who will be facing Goku and his team.

Attack of the Fanboy points out that there have been speculations as to who this mysterious villain could be. It could be another type of "God." This villain could be a bigger menace than Frieza and Buu.

Dragon Ball Super will make its debut on Fuji TV in July on Sundays at 9am in Japan. Western release of the TV show will be scheduled for a later date.