Dragon Ball Xenoverse
Dragon Ball Super is likely to release on July 2015. (Representational Image)Facebook

"Dragon Ball Super", an upcoming TV sequel to the popular anime series, "Dragon Ball Z" is likely to be 100 episodes long, according to the rumours.

This new information came to light after Mision Tokyo, a Spanish website was able to gather this piece of news. So if Toei Animation has its way, the studio may end up making 100 episodes strong TV show. However if there has to be an increase in the numbers, the show must go on to become a hit with the fans, new and old alike.

"Dragon Ball Super" will be the first new Dragon Ball TV animation series after "Dragon Ball GT"
that was air from 1996 to 1997.

Toei Animation, the studio that is behind the production of "Dragon Ball Super" will start airing the show in July, 2015 in Japan. Reports have suggested that the TV show could be on air on 5 July.

It was also reported that the show will be aired on Fuji TV, and the Japanese TV station is planning to air it at 9 AM on Sundays, clearly pointing out the target audience being children.

Nevertheless, the news of "Dragon Ball Super" having about 100 episodes can only be a rumour unless there is an official statement from Toei Animation.