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Dragon Ball Super Episode 7 aired on 23 August.Twitter

Dragon Ball Super, the anime TV series for Japanese audience, released its latest Episode 7 titled 'How Dare You Hit My Bulma!!' on 23 August, much to the excitement of Dragon Ball fans.

Below is a review of this latest episode in the anime TV series, which is aired on Fuji TV, but lets have a recap of what transpired in Episode 6 first.

In Episode 6, we know that Buu angered Beerus due to his greed of not wanting to share his pudding. This was after Beerus and Whis come to Earth following his dream about a Super Saiyan God, but they get invited to the party after Bulma thinks they both are friends of Vegeta. Sadly Beerus, known for his short temper, challenges Buu and defeats him. This gets Vegeta to think about the end of the world.

Spoilers ahead:

Beerus' actions now have got everyone's attention. The focus shifts to Vegeta who is seen sweating profusely.

Vegeta tries to calm down Beerus only to enrage him further and he decides to destroy all of them. But the funny side it Whis is still seen ordering stuff from the caterer at the party, enjoying the earthly delicacies and hence Beerus has to put his plans on hold.

Beerus defeats the rest of the Z Warriors with the greatest ease, as they are no match to him. The first victim of such humiliating defeat is Gotenks, getting a slap on his arm and being flicked away. Piccolo, Tien and 18 others follow him, but are defeated by Beerus even without him touching them.

Next, we see Buu challenging him the second time but to no success. Gohan too lends a hand but cannot help in anyway. 

Dende gets scared after realising that Beerus is the 'God of Destuction.'

Two people who do not want to challenge Beerus are Krillin and Yamacha, the humans. The episode shows how weak the humans are.

A shot of all the Z Warriors being tired trying to defeat Beerus sparks up Vegeta who realises he has to do something.

Vegeta goes Super Saiyan but is paralysed by Beerus. This was the same way he did it to Vegeta's father many years ago by standing on his head.

Bulma interferes when Beerus makes an attempt to kill Vegeta. She goes and slaps Beerus since he was the reason her party got spoiled. He knocks her out in a return slap, which angers Vegeta more.

The episode concludes as we see Vegeta powering up. We will have to wait until next episode to see if Vegeta will be able to thwart Beerus' plans.

Episode 7 did see a lot of action and this episode also proves that Z Warriors are not powerful enough and it is only Goku and Vegeta that can challenge a powerful enemy.

The episode also reveals the tender part of Vegeta, who shows his anger and disgust when Beerus hurts Bulma (who is his wife). Vegeta has never been a person of emotional nature but we realise that he cares for his family.

[Source: Attack of the Fanboy]

Episode 8 Preview Sneak Peak

Dragon Ball fans will have to wait until Episode 8 titled 'Goku Steps Up! The Last Chance From Beerus?' to see what difference Goku will make in his second encounter with Beerus. Episode 8 has the answers to these questions.

The preview trailer shows Vegeta powering up to attack Beerus. But Beerus seems to have bigger plans as he is summoning his energy to destroy the planet.

Our only ray of hope is Goku, who appears at this juncture. He looks determined to take on Beerus and perhaps he can save the Earth from destruction? Episode 8 will be aired on 30 August, 2015.