Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super gets a new poster possibly showcasing its new villain.toei-anim.co.jp

Upcoming anime TV series Dragon Ball Super's official website has revealed what has been billed as the new mysterious villain.

The reveal comes as part of the new poster that also includes some new characters. The poster has sparked off speculations among Dragon Ball fans about the characters in the image.

The mysterious villain character was speculated to be a new god, probably more powerful. The poster contains returning characters Beerus and Whis.

The image has two characters, one a heavier form of Beerus and another possible female form of Whis. The heavier Beerus is spinning Earth on its finger and giving out an evil grin too. Some reports have speculated on the heavier Beerus being the villain.

We will have to wait for official clarification on the poster, which might not be coming before July.

Recently, the series also got its first debut trailer that showcases Goku and a few others of his gang. We also found that Gotenks will also be part of the series.

This series will be the first in 18 years. It will go live on Fuji TV at 9am on 5 July. Presently, the series will only be available in Japan. There has been no release dates revealed for the US or European versions yet.

[Source: Attack of The Fanboy]