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Dragon Ball Super will be releasing in June to TV.Facebook

Fans of Dragon Ball Super, the upcoming anime TV show, are glad to see Goku, an important character in Dragon Ball Z.

The new full image of Goku was revealed by Anime News Network. This image, according to the report, is from Toyotaro's manga version of the TV show. The image shows Goku in a slightly different avatar. It was also noted that the boots Goku is seen wearing is not as its past depictions. He looks a lot younger.

The August issue of V Jump, releasing on 20 June, will use this image to promote Dragon Ball Super. It has been reported that this comes from the recent movie, "Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F'". Toyotaro was the manga artist for the movie too.

Though very less is known about the new series, it is reportedly taking place after the Majin Buu saga, with peace dawning again on earth.

The upcoming TV show will make its debut on Fuji TV in July on Sundays at 9 am in Japan. Western release of the TV show will be at a later date. 

Dragon Ball Super is returning to TV for the first time in eight years. The last one aired was Dragon Ball GT.

Meanwhile, Dragon Ball Super has got its official website and Twitter account. However, both of them are in Japanese. You can use the Google Chrome's translate feature, but there are limitations.

Recently, the studio responsible for the series, Toei Animation, revealed about the opening and ending title songs for the series and its artists.

Fans can check here for the official website of Dragon Ball Super. And can follow the official Twitter handle here.