Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super Episode 9 will see Goku firing up to Super Saiyan God.Twitter

Dragon Ball Super's Episode 8 titled "Goku Steps Up! The Last Chance From Beerus?" was recently showcased on the Japanese Fuji TV was flagged as "uneventful" by review reports and hence, the onus is completely on the next episode to change the discourse of this popular Dragon Ball anime TV series.


Episode 9 titled 'Sorry About the Wait, Beerus — Finally, Super Saiyan God is Born!' is the next in the line-up and fans are expecting it to be better as the title and preview trailer promises Goku is finally transforming into Super Saiyan God following his training on the Kai planet.

Beerus' visions of seeing a possible Super Saiyan God might just become a reality as seen in the Episode 9 preview trailer. Previous episode saw Beerus flicking even Vegeta out as he tried to attack him. And, was rather annoyed at not seeing the man of his visions.

The trailer shows how Z Fighters and Vegeta help Goku in transforming into the Super Saiyan God. There is an image that shows his new appearance, flashing reddish-purple hair colour and the reddish irises.

The Z Fighters are stunned to see this new form, but are unable to sense his energy. Beerus, however, is gladdened by the transformation and something he wanted to see happen. Super Saiyan God is the next form after Super Saiyan 3. This is the only state in which Goku can take on Beerus on equal grounds.

Episode 9 is expected to go on air on 6 September, 2015, for Japan exclusively.