With each passing episode, the recently-started Dragon Ball Super is becoming more exciting. It hasn't been that long since the show started and we are already waiting to find out what happens in the upcoming episode 7. 

As of now, there's still some time left before the new episode is finally aired. So, let's take a look at what to expect from the upcoming episode for Dragon Ball Super. For starters, the episode will be titled 'How Dare You Hit My Bulma! Vegeta's Furious Mutation?!'


For the new episode 'How Dare You Hit My Bulma! Vegeta's Furious Mutation?!', Vegeta is very angry and ensuring to channel the rage in order to defeat Beerus. Will he succeed? Check out the preview trailer below. 

In episode 7, it seems Vegeta and others team up against Beerus. The preview trailer starts with Vegata, Piccolo, Krillin and others charging towards Beerus, although Beerus looks calm and confident and is ready to take them all.

Following this, Piccolo attacks Beerus, but he dodges all his attacks. One by one, they all try to bring him down but Beerus remains undefeated. In fact, he kicks Majin Buu so hard that he flies off.

However, before the promo ends, Vegeta can be seen getting angry at Beerus and slowly begins to transform. But Beerus grins at the thought of finally getting the chance to face a worthy opponent.

To recap, in the previous episode of Dragon Ball Super, Beerus was seen arriving at Bulma's party along with Whis, while Vegeta kept an eye on Beerus and Whis. Although Bulma wants them to be a part of the party, things turn messy and in the new episode, Beerus and Vegeta fight each other.

As scheduled, Dragon Ball Super's episode 7 is set to air Sunday, 23 August, 2015.

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: Yibada]