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Saiyans are not someone with whom anyone would like to mess and it seems that the next episode titled "Zamasu's Ambition – 'Human 0 Plan' is Revealed" will reveal the true anger of them.

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In the upcoming episode, Black Goku and Zamasu will be attacked by Goku and Trunks. Though both Goku and Trunks are powerful beyond imagination, it is not easy to defeat the two rivals.

At the beginning of the episode, Black Goku reveals that he has put Zamasu's spirit inside Goku's body. However, Goku didn't understand it and continues with his fight.

Earlier, when Goku defeated Zamasu, Zamasu sneaked into his body and possessed Goku. However, Goku knew that Beerus had destroyed Zamasu in the past.

In the meanwhile, Black revealed that the past doesn't affect him because of the powers of the Time Ring. He said that he killed Gowasu so that he can become the Kaioshin and take the time ring.

In episode 61, Zamasu and Black will begin a fresh series of attacks on Vegeta, Trunks, and Goku. Though Goku will make his best effort to counterattack Zamasu, but it won't be of much use due to Zamasu's powers of healing immediately.

The next episode will be an exciting one as fans will witness one of the greatest battles in the series with Goku and Trunks on one side and Black Goku and Zamasu on the other.