Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball SuperKanzenshuu

In the upcoming episode of Dragon Ball Super, it seems that the god of destruction Beerus is going to show his hidden potential to the other warriors.

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In Episode 58 titled "Zamasu and Black - The Two's Mystery Deepens," Gowasu was relaxing in the courtyard as Zamasu brought some tea for him. Zamasu realised that Beerus was also there and greeted him.

Episode 59 titled "Protect Kaiō-shin Gowasu - Destroy Zamasu!" will begin with Zamasu meeting Beerus, Whis, Goku and the Kaioshin who belong to Universe 7. Zamasu suspects that the warriors are there to attack him, and hence his defences are up.

Thinking that they have come to enquire about the person with the Time Ring, when Zamasu asks about it, Beerus says that they are there for some other reason.

Meanwhile, Goku keeps nagging Beerus to let him to fight with Zamasu for one more time, but Beerus gets irritated and hits him. Watching this, Zamasu comes to Beerus and asks him to have a rematch with Goku.

When Zamasu prepares to fight with Goku, Beerus interrupts and says that they won't fight before he has his tea break. Afterwards, Beerus goes to take a nap, leaving Zamasu and Goku facing each other.

There is a significant possibility that Zamasu will try to kill Gowasu. However, due to lack of proper evidence, Beerus is unable to make a move.

Whether Goku would be able to defeat Zamasu in the rematch or Zamasu will have an upper hand, will be seen once Dragon Ball Super Episode 59 will air.