Dragon Ball Super
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In the upcoming episode of "Dragon Ball Super," Goku will unleash his potential to find a way of defeating Zamasu after Black Goku and Zamasu defeated him, Trunks and Vegeta.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 59 will air on Sept. 25 and will be titled 'Protect Kaiō-shin Gowasu - Destroy Zamasu.' It was revealed in the previous episode that future Zamasu is in fact, a Kaioshin as he wears a pair of Potara that is donned only by a Kaioshin.

Spoilers ahead: The following article contains major spoilers from the upcoming episode of "Dragon Ball Super." Proceed at your own risk. 

In the upcoming episode, Goku, along with Beerus, Whiz, trunks, and Vegeta will travel to Universal 10 as he has figured out that in the near future, Kaioshin Gowasu will be killed by present Zamasu in order to acquire his Potara. Hence, Goku intends to put an end to Zamasu's evil plans before he can execute it.

Zamasu has already killed Gawasu in the present timeline that infuriated Beerus and he destroyed Zamasu. However, Zamasu had managed to steal the time rings somehow and he is going to use them for changing the events in the future.

Even though the present is safe from Zamasu and his evil deeds as he was brutally killed by Beerus, the future is still in doubt. Sensing something wrong, Trunks will travel to the future to find out the fate of Zamasu and Future Trunks.

There is a significant possibility that the fans will get to see how Goku manages to solve all the issues regarding various time-lines and whether he will be able to put an end to the long-going battle or not. What exactly happens to the primary characters in the upcoming episode will be seen only one Episode 59 airs.