Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball SuperKanzenshuu

While fans are eagerly waiting for the next episode titled "Zamasu and Black - Two People's Mystery Deepens" of "Dragon Ball Super," several rumours surfacing over the internet have added more to the already hyped-up excitement among them.

Previously, it was hinted that Zamasu and Black Goku are in fact, two different avatars of same person. Though nothing as such was revealed in the last episode, Episode 58 is surely not letting go of the possibility.

Even if both the forms don't belong to same person, they still have the power to fuse together and transform into a powerful creature that can easily defeat Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks; all at the same time.

According to the plot summary of the episode, Beerus will contact Goku and others as they will return to the past and warns Goku that a major battle is yet to take place, since Goku is determined to return to the future.

Another interesting speculation states that Beerus might team-up with Supreme Kai to defeat Zamasu and Black. However, it won't mean that the two will get along well with each other as it would be just one-time partnership.

There is also a significant possibility that Trunks will assist Goku in the fight and might replace Vegeta in the battle after the later received numerous critical injuries and is not so fit to continue with the fight, even though he hates to admit it.

In the meanwhile, it seems that Zamasu won't stop at anything until he finishes Goku and the rest of the gang in order to become the ultimate ruler of the universe. Even Beerus is in the danger of getting mortally threatened once Zamasu confronts him.