Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball SuperKanzenshuu

The story in next episode of "Dragon Ball Super" titled "God with the Invulnerable Body - Zamasu's Advent" is going to be more interesting as Black Goku will be joining hands with Zamasu to defeat Son Goku.

To watch whether Zamasu and Black Goku succeed in defeating Gohan or not, CLICK HERE.

In the previous episode titled "Goku Black Rematch! The Appearance of Super Saiyan Rose!!", Zamasu had appeared all of a sudden when Goku and the Black Goku were having a fight. Beerus and Whis were surprised to find that both the Gokus had similar kind of Ki.

As Zamasu appeared during the fight, fans are speculating that the connection between Zamasu and Black Goku is bigger than expected. Just when Black Goku was about to dominate Goku, Zamasu commanded him not to finish Goku as he wanted to finish him himself.

In Episode 57, Zamasu's mysterious past and the truth behind his connection with Black Goku might be revealed. Both Black Goku and Son Goku will continue their fight and will transform into Super Saiyan Blue (Goku) and Super Saiyan Rose (Black Goku).

Meanwhile, Future Trunks will also be fighting against Zamasu, though it is not yet clear where the fight will lead to or who will emerge as the victor. The trailer of Episode 57 hints at what might be showcased in the upcoming episode.

In the trailer, Goku can be seen talking with Future Trunks: "Hey, this is Goku! We have to fight Zamasu, who's in cahoots with Black? Better brace ourselves or this could get ugly."

Future Trunks is surprised that his attacks are of no use and says: "What? Attacks don't have any effect on Zamasu."