Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super makes its TV debut.Twitter

"Dragon Ball Super," the popular anime TV show from Toei Animation, aired episode 50, titled "Goku vs. Black! The Road Towards the Sealed Future" on July 3, exclusively on the Japanese Fuji TV. Following the end of the Champa saga in episode 41, the publisher released several episodes that acted as fillers until the dawn of the new saga, the Future Trunks, which marked its origin with episode 47.

In episode 49, we saw how Bulma wakes up Future Trunks who was attacking Goku thinking he was the Black Goku from the future. Further, Whis wants to destroy the time machine but Future Trunks pleads against it. Future Trunks is seen reaching Super Saiyan 2 for the first time and Black Goku is seen creating a portal that would let him enter the present timeline.

The recently concluded episode 50 saw a battle between the Black Goku and the real Goku, said Attack of the Fanboy in its review. It must also be noted that the Black Goku has a ring that lets him travel through time and Whis notices this.

Black Goku somehow recognises the real Goku, and he is also aware of Beerus and Vegeta. The latter stops Future Trunks from attacking Black Goku, saying he is not powerful enough to face him and this is when the real Goku appears in front of him.

Black Goku says that he is honoured to fight the real Goku inside the present body, and this only went on to show that Black Goku was altogether a separate character with the ability to steal bodies. Following this, both the Gokus start to fight. In fact, the real Goku mentions that Black Goku is like him as he too likes to fight. As the fight ensues, we realise that both the fighters are evenly matched.

Whenever Goku fights he makes sure that he tests out the fighter first. In this fight, he assumes the Super Saiyan 2 form though he can transform into the Super Saiyan Blue form.

Unlike other villains, Black Goku emits dark colours when he powers up. Goku is unaware that the longer he fights the stronger Black Goku gets. We see Goku gaining an upper hand and Black Goku getting weaker.

But Black Goku fights back with all he has got and knocks down Goku, tipping over the Time Machine. This is when out of sheer stupidity, Future Trunks shouts "Time Machine." Black Goku overhears this. Black Goku's next move is to destroy the Time Machine, before escaping via the black portal that he used to enter the first time.

Black Goku's disappearance meant Goku won the battle this time around but it might not be the last them they would be meeting. Future Trunks is concerned that Black Goku might kill the people living in the Future timeline. Bulma understands him and goes to Capsule Corp to bring something that could help Future Trunks.

Next, we see Whis explaining that the ring that he had seen on Black Goku was a time ring, which can only be used by the Supreme Kais. Further, Future Trunks is seen asking Beerus if he could use a time ring, but Beerus says he has not got any such ring.

Krillin is seen telling Future Trunks that Whis had previously reversed time when Freiza blew up Earth. But Whis notes that he does not have the powers he once had. Moreover, he is only able to reverse time for three minutes. He is unable to go to the future or even the past with a different timeline.

Bulma is seen returning with a Time Machine but it has to be fixed. The Time Machine is the one that saw Cell come in from the future. Bulma had kept the Time Machine in a capsule.

We also get to see a glimpse of the future, as we see that Future Mai is alive and this is good news, as he can save the people of future.

Meanwhile, Toei Animation shared the preview of episode 51, titled "Feelings that Transcend Time — Trunks and Mai."

In the next episode, we see that Future Trunks is still concerned and wants to save the people of the future from Black Goku. He is seen telling others that they have to hurry up and defeat the Black Goku as soon as possible.

"Dragon Ball Super's" episode 51 is expected to be released on July 10, 2016.