Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super makes its TV debut.Twitter

"Dragon Ball Super," the popular anime TV show from Toei Animation, aired episode 42 titled "Trouble at the Victory Celebration! Showdown at Last?! Monaka vs. Son Goku," on May 8, exclusively on Japanese Fuji TV.

The theme of the anime show, till recently, had been the Champa saga, which saw Champa and Beerus squaring off in a multiverse tournament between Universe 6 vs Universe 7. But the tournament ended in episode 41, and the Champa saga ended as well. This episode could be filler before the next saga.

Episode 41 saw Zeno, the ruler of all the 12 universes in Dragon Ball Super, being appreciative of the tournament. The tournament restarts only after Zeno leaves the place. Monaka is rewarded for winning the tournament with a promise from Beerus of a future fight against Goku.

Meanwhile in episode 42, Bulma fancies a celebration party at Capsule Corp. She is seen sending out party invites to all of them from Universe 7, including Beerus and Whis, Attack of the Fanboy said in its review. She wants even Monaka to come to the party as he was the winner. But others are uncomfortable, as he is not as strong a fighter as the rest of them but only a fraudster, but more importantly, he wants to fight Goku. They were also worried of Zeno coming to know about the lies regarding Monaka, as he was declared the strongest fighter in the two universes.

She has prepared more food than the last time she hosted a party, which saw Beerus getting angry because Buu ate all the dessert.

Monaka has a new job as a delivery boy. Hercule is seen warming up to Monaka and asking him to be a mascot of the new gym. In the meantime, Pizza is seen wearing the Monaka costume and playing the mascot for Hercule's gym, the report noted.

Monaka is at the party, too, and had arrived early as he had to deliver Hercule's stuff.

Meanwhile, we see Beerus telling everyone Monaka is a weakling but it must not reach Goku, as he has to stay motivated. Goku thinks Monaka is a powerful fighter.

Goku comes to the party via teleportation, but has to go back after Chi Chi finds his clothes dirty, and not fit to be worn at a party. 

After Beerus, it is Whis' turn to tell everyone that Goku must stay motivated in preparation of a tournament between the Universes, as mentioned in episode 41. Because if Goku loses in it, none can be sure what could happen to Earth of Universe 7.

Next we see Goku returning to the party but going directly to Monaka and asking for a fight. Goku wants the fight to be held in a different place, away from party area. Meantime, Beerus wants others to distract Goku until he picks up the Monaka costume and appears in it. To make this happen, Chiaotzu makes use of his force field to separate Goku and Monaka, and when Krillin uses Solar Flare to blind Goku, Beerus switches to Monaka's place the costume resembling Monaka.

This is the humorous part of the episode, where Beerus (with his Monaka costume) and Goku fight. The costume breaks, the purple fist of Beerus is visible, and next we see the head spinning out. Immediatley, Vegeta and Piccolo come to Beerus' rescue to keep the costume intact.

Though Beerus is stronger than Goku, the Monaka costume is a hindrance. Goku is seen delivering fine blows on Beerus, who gets angry and attacks Goku.

Whis is alarmed and wants them to stop fighting, and is seen convincing Goku that Beerus wants them to stop. In fact, Puar gets into Beerus' shape and form to convince Goku.

We see that everyone plays a part in hiding the truth about Monaka being a weak fighter. But all the hush-hush affair about Monaka almost comes to an end when Yamcha shows Goku where the real Monaka is (hiding behind Ox King following the switch). But thanks to Goku being naive, he thinks Monaka, like Buu, has split into two beings. This concludes the funny episode.

Meanwhile, Toei Animation has shared the preview of episode 43, titled "Goku's 'Ki' is Out of Control?! Looking After Pan is A Lot of Trouble."

This episode is also going to be filler like episode 42. The preview video shows Goku telling Piccolo he cannot control of his Ki properly and is worried about it. We also see the Pilaf gang meeting Pan.