Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super makes its TV debut.Twitter

"Dragon Ball Super," the popular anime TV show from Toei Animation, aired Episode 38 titled "Universe 6's Most Powerful Warrior! Meet Hit Man Hit!!" April 10, exclusively on Japanese Fuji TV.

The current theme of the anime show is the Champa saga, where the team of Champa and that of Beerus have squared off in the multiverse tournament, dubbed Universe 6 vs. Universe 7.

Episode 37 had seen a fight between Cabba and Vegeta, which saw Cabba powering up to Super Saiyan state but since he rarely powers up to this state, he is unable to keep it for long. And Vegeta seizes up on that and punches him out of the competition. We also got to see some camaraderie among the Saiyans, with Vegeta telling Cabba he would like to visit his home planet. The next match was between Vegeta and Hit.

Vegeta has emerged as the better fighter in the tournament, defeating the likes of Frost, Magetta and Cabba, his next opponent is Hit, who, unlike others, is known for his greater fighting abilities and power.

As the Episode 38 started, we saw Whis explaining about Hit's powers, he is supposed to have never failed in a battle and has defeated everyone he has faced, Attack of the Fanboy reported in its review.

After heeding to Whis' advice, Vegeta does not want to take any chances and is seen powering up to Super Saiyan Blue form. Both the fighters are seen staring at each other for a long duration, and Vegeta makes the first move to attack, which he misses.

The report explained that Hit was very calm and composed unlike Vegeta who was fully charged up. Vegeta was unable to match the speed of Hit. We see Hit landing a blow on Vegeta's throat, and warning Vegeta to surrender. Vegeta is not interested in such talks.

It is clear that Hit is better fighter between these two since we see Hit taking on Vegeta, attacking him at "vital points" and making him weaker. Vegeta tries to use his ki blasts but is unable to, as Hit gets to him faster with his fast punches.

Now, this has got Goku, Piccolo worried, not only because Vegeta is not faring well but they are unable to see Hit's attacks, since, Hit is moving very fast.

Vegeta is tired and with great difficulty is trying to keep up with Hit's pace. Vegeta is also seen spitting blood. Hit now knows that Vegeta is at his weakest and makes for the knockout punch, hitting on his gut, and defeating Vegeta. Hit is declared the winner in the fight.

Jaco makes an observation, talking about how Hit disappears before he attacks, and Vegeta could not know where Hit would strike. Now Hit will have to face Goku.

Hit is using a technique that enables him to skip time for a smaller duration (time-lapse technique). The episode reveals that Whis has the knowledge of this technique and knows how to counter and beat it, but is not ready to tell Goku. Whis wants to see if Goku can find it out for himself, as he is his trainee student.

We learn that Hit is 1000 years old and is the oldest among the fighters in the ring.

As the fight begins, Goku does not want to power up but is interested to find a way to defend against Hit's super fast attacks. Hit is seen standing in one position and taking on Goku, who is unable to block Hit's strikes.

But as the episode concludes, Goku is successful in blocking one of Hit's strikes and also manages to punch him on the face with a backhand.

This has left everyone shocked, especially Beerus and Champa. Has Goku found the secret of Hit's super fast attack? We will have to find that out in Episode 39.

Meanwhile, Toei Animation has shared the preview of Episode 39, titled "Great 'Time-skipping' Counterattack?! Is It Coming? Goku's New Technique!"

The preview video shows Goku continuing his offensive on Hit. Goku is seen landing several blows on Hit, which has now got the calm and composed Hit, a tad angry. Goku is seen telling that he had expected Hit to be strong as he is Universe 6's best fighter.

Hit on the other hand is furious that he is at the receiving end of Goku's punches and declares that he will use his trump card, which he has keep secret for a long time. The trailer also show Goku powering up to his Super Saiyan Blue form.