Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super makes its TV debut.Twitter

"Dragon Ball Super," the popular anime TV show from Toei Animation, aired Episode 37 titled "Don't Forget Your Saiyan Pride! Vegeta vs. Saiyan of the Universe 6" April 3, exclusively on Japanese Fuji TV.

The current theme of the anime show is the Champa saga, where the team of Champa and that of Beerus have squared off in the multiverse tournament, dubbed Universe 6 vs. Universe 7.

Episode 36 had shown how though Magetta from Universe 6 was at his best, emitting the lava, which was rather difficult to tackle for Vegeta in the battle, the latter had to power up and attack the former with full force and pucned him out of the ring when Magetta was reeling under the magnitude of attacks from Vegeta. The next match Vegeta had to fight was with Cabba.

The recently-released Episode 37 started out with a scene showing Vados and Whis making repairs to the ring. The ring has now become bigger, Attack of the Fanboy reported in its review.

We see Vegeta and Cabba stepping into the ring, many of the other fighters from Universe 7 are interested to see what Cabba is capable of.

Both start their fight in the base form, though Cabba misses the first few punches on Vegeta, the speed increases and Cabba is seen landing a blow on Vegeta (on his gut). This angers Vegeta and he starts attacking Cabba with greater power, only to be countered with Cabba's Galick Gun attack. Vegeta responds with his own Galick Gun attack.

Vegeta is curious to know if Cabba can power up to Super Saiyan, but Cabba innocently asks him what it is and to show him how it's done, this angers Vegeta and he starts attacking him in what even Bulma believes to be "harsh" on Cabba.

Vegeta further teases him that if he does not power up, he might destroy Cabba's home in Universe 6, Planet Salad. This causes great anger in Cabba, who immediately powers up to Super Saiyan.

Cabba's rage and Super Saiyan transformation causes concern to Vegeta who does his best to block his punches and the sudden explosion of ki blasts.

But to the surprise of everyone, Cabba's power fritters away, the reason being, Cabba rarely powers up to this state and is unable to sustain it for longer duration. Vegeta is seen advising Cabba to remember the anger that triggered it and to power up again.

But it looks like Vegeta can wait for too long and shows off what he is got by powering up to Super Saiyan Blue, making the fight an easier one. He punches Cabba and defeats him. Vegeta is declared the winner in the fight.

There is some camaraderie seen among the Saiyans, even as Vegeta suggests Cabba that he would love to come to Planet Salad in Universe 6 and meet the Saiyans. It has to be noted that the Saiyans ain Universe 7 are nearing their extinction. This concludes the action-packed episode.

Meanwhile, Toei Animation has shared the preview of Episode 38, titled "Universe 6's Most Powerful Warrior! Meet Hit Man Hit!!"

The preview video shows some snippets of how Hit is likely to be more powerful than Vegeta, though some scenes show Vegeta escaping his blasts, there is one blast that goes straight through his head. Goku has been waiting to watch this fight, as he feels Hit has something special in him. The technique used by Hit is different and many are unable to see through it.

The next episode will showcase an interesting fight in the "Dragon Ball Super" series. We will have to wait until April 10 to see how Vegeta will defend Hit's attacks.