Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super makes its TV debut.Twitter

"Dragon Ball Super," the popular anime TV show from Toei Animation, aired episode 34 titled "Piccolo vs. Frost! Bet Everything on the Makankosappo!" on March 6 exclusively on the Japanese Fuji TV.

The current theme of the anime show is the Champa saga, where team of Champa and that of Beerus have squared off in the multiverse tournament, dubbed Universe 6 vs. Universe 7.

In the previous episode 33, we had seen Goku's fight with Botamo and how he was defeated. Next, Goku had to face Frost. The episode concluded with a Frost kick that put Goku out of the ring, making Frost the winner.

In the review of episode 34, Attack of the Fanboy reports how Frost could be using a new magical technique to attack Goku. Frost's knockout move has left Goku dazed. But Frost is seen promptly coming up to him to ask if he is "ok" and lifting his hand showing he is all right.

Goku's defeat annoys Beerus, since he feels Goku could have beaten Frost with his Super Saiyan Blue, but Goku had only powered up to Super Saiyan 1.

The next fight between the two teams is between Piccolo and Frost. Piccolo is seen asking Goku if the former has any chance of winning against Frost. Goku answers with a "no."

Piccolo prepares to charge up with his best finishing move, the special beam cannon. Frost also does not waste any time and attacks while Piccolo is still charging up for the attack.

Frost hits Piccolo's knee, but the latter manages to charge up his special beam cannon. Next, Piccolo is seen splitting into multiple forms, but Frost uses his blasts to take out all the Piccolo illusions and targets the real Piccolo.

Piccolo is seen charging up his special beam cannon, while blocking Frost with a single arm, but stops when Frost delivers a strong blow on Piccolo's stomach.

Piccolo also tries to wrap around Frost is found at a receiving end of his magical technique that was used against Goku. Once Piccolo is under the spell, Frost Ki blasts and knocks him out. Frost is declared the winner of the third match.

Jaco suspects that Frost is using a needle that leaves fighters dazed. This prompts Vegeta to ask the announcer to check Frost.

It was found that Frost indeed had a needle that injected a poison that left rival combatants to become dazed.

Following the cheating episode, Frost is disqualified and Piccolo is declared the winner. The episode ends with Vegeta wanting to have a bonus match with Frost; with an annoyed Champa.

Meanwhile, Toei Animation has shared the preview of episode 35 titled "Turn Anger Into Power! Vegeta's All-Out Battle!!"

The preview video shows Goku telling though he was cheated, Frost cannot cheat Vegeta because he is different. He also tells Vegeta not to let him use his traps. He asks him to "Finish him with all you have got."