Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super makes its TV debut.Twitter

"Dragon Ball Super," the popular anime TV show from Toei Animation, aired episode 33 titled "Be Surprised, Universe 6! This is Super Saiyan - Son Goku!" on Feb. 28 exclusively on the Japanese Fuji TV.

The current theme of the anime show is the Champa saga where Beerus and Champa have squared off with their teams in the multiverse tournament.

Goku faces Botamo in episode 33 said Attack of the Fanboy in its review. Though Goku has speed and agility, Botamo can use his weight to his favour. Botamo's belly flops have Goku on the edge but his speed lets him dodge Botamo.

We see Goku doing some stretches and that is when Botamo attacks him with laser blasts from his mouth. Goku dodges them and hides behind Botamo and shoots a Kamehameha. Botamo eats out the Kamehameha too.

Goku attacks Botamo's belly, but no matter how much one attacks, Botamo does not seem to be affected. Next he tries to head butt Botamo on Vegeta's advice, but it does not work. Goku looks stunned and comes up with a simple tactic to take Botamo down.

He walks straight to him and drags him by his legs and throws him out of the ring, giving Goku his first win.

The next opponent Goku has to face is Frost, who looks very similar to Frieza but without the evilness.

Frost transforms into a rather ugly conehead form. Frost and Goku seem evenly matched in the fight. Goku's Kamehameha is not effective on Frost.

The TV show goes on a flashback from Universe 6 that shows the difference between Frost and Frieza. Frost is a hero to his people in Universe 6 but Frieza is anything but that in Universe 7.

Goku now transforms himself into his golden Super Saiyan 1 form, which prompts Frost to transform into his final form.

Though Goku has an upperhand with the fight against Frost, he has lost a lot of energy and Frost knows this. Making use of this moment, Frost kicks Goku out of the ring. Frost wins over Goku. This marks the conclusion of episode 33.

Meanwhile, Toei Animation has shared the preview of episode 34 titled "Piccolo vs. Frost! Bet Everything on the Makankosappo!"

The next match is between Piccolo and Frost. We are shown that Piccolo has used a technique that many don't know about. Piccolo is also seen dodging Frost's attacks. We see Piccolo duplicating himself into many Piccolos, however, we have to wait until March 6 to see the outcome of the fight.