Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super makes its TV debut.Twitter

"Dragon Ball Super", the popular anime TV show from Toei Animation, that airs exclusively on the Japanese Fuji TV telecast episode 32 titled "The Match Begins! Everyone, Head to the Nameless Planet!" Feb. 21.

The current leg of the Dragon Ball Super episodes deal with the Champa saga, where Champa and Beerus have come to an understanding that they would have fighting tournaments instead of individual full scale fights. Both sides have a team lined-up with some of the best fighters from both the universes.

Episode 32 shows Champa's full team strength. We know from the last two episodes that Goku and Vegeta were training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and Kami is looking out for them, reported Attack of the Fanboy in its review.

Whis is seen trying to gather all the spectators for the tournament. Fans get to see Goku and Vegeta sporting beards. They use instant transmission to come to the tournament. Bulma also notices that both have not taken shower for a long time.

Whis takes everyone (except Gohan, who has to attend a special conference) from the Beerus camp to Beerus' planet. They meet Monaka there. Monaka is the captain of the Universe 7 team. And out of stupidity, Goku punches him in the face. Beerus scolds Goku and other fighters like Piccolo and Vegeta think it was a dumb move by Goku.

With Beerus and Monaka, the whole team now transports to the Nameless Planet. This place has huge Super Dragon Ball surrounded, which puts every one of them in awe, except Android 18.Drai

At the Nameless Planet, Goku meets Supreme Kai and Kibito, who are not in their fused state. They also explain that the fusion was removed with the help of Namekian Dragon Balls. The Universe 6 Kais is also seen in the planet.

We also get full visuals on all the fighters from the Champa's team: Hit (purple fighter), Cabba (Saiyan), Frost (Frieza lookalike), Botamo (fat bear) and Magetta (robot).

Cabba introduces himself as Saiyan to Vegeta and reveals that the Saiyans in his planet were peaceful until its destruction.

The episode also shows the funny side of the fighters, as they are asked to fill out a written test, Vegeta and Goku are nervous about it. Majin Buu is seen sleeping during this written test.

Buu is likely to be disqualified as his face does not appear in the tournament schedule. The episode concludes with Toei Animation letting out the information that the first match is between Goku and Botamo.

Toei Animation has also shared the preview of episode 33 titled "Be Surprised, Universe 6! This is Super Saiyan - Son Goku!"

The preview video shows that the tournament starts with Goku taking on Botama. Botama makes leap and jumps on Goku, who easily escapes. Goku is seen warming up for the fight even as the fight is in progress, this leaves Botama in surprise. We also see Goku saying he is charged up for the fight and the video concludes.

Episode 33 will be releasing on Feb. 28.