Dragon Ball Super
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Dragon Ball Super, the popular anime TV show from Toei Animation that airs exclusively on the Japanese Fuji TV, broadcast episode 30 titled "Training for the 'Martial Arts Tournament' Who Are the Two Remaining Members!?"

Episode 30 marks the continuation of the Champa saga. In its review, Attack of the Fanboy said that the episode shows lot of recap clips of previous episodes. Goku is seen narrating to Krillin what happened in the past two episodes and this is the reason the recap clips are played.

The tournament between Champa and Beerus will not be featuring any fusions as there has been a ban on using them in the tournament. This news saddens Goten and Trunks who were hoping to fire up into Gotenks form during the tournament.

Vegeta vouches for Gohan as a team member arguing that he has potential and had previously defeated Cell and had been training with Piccolo for some time now. But Goku is not interested in Gohan as it will be too short a time to get ready for the tournament.

Instead, Goku pitches in for Piccolo, but Piccolo begs to be excused as he is not feeling strong.

We are told that the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, which was destroyed due to Buu was fixed by Dende. Previously, this new chamber let players stay only for two days but now they can stay and train for three days, which will be three years outside the chamber.

Piccolo reveals that following his training in the chamber, he is ready to join the team. Another member, who joins the team set up by Beerus is Buu. The team, Universe 7 includes Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo and Buu. We also see the inclusion of Monaka to the team. This marked the conclusion of episode 30.

Toei Animation has also shared the preview of episode 31 titled 'To Lord Zuno! Ask About the Location of the Super Dragon Balls!'

The preview video reveals that episode 31 will have more about Bulma and Jaco, and their search for last Super Dragon Ball. From the looks of it, the show's next episode is going to be humorous.