Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super makes its TV debut.Twitter

Dragon Ball Super the anime TV show from Toei Animation that airs exclusively for the Japanese Fuji TV has broadcasted episode 28 titled "Entry Stage! The God of Destruction Champa!".

This new episode marks the end of the Resurrection F saga and the beginning of the Champa saga.

We had seen in the previous episode that Frieza was killed after Goku was able to power up into his Super Saiyan Blue. Episode 28 puts us ahead by a few months when everything is calmer on Earth.

Goku and Vegeta have gone back to training with Whis, said a review report from Attack of the Fanboy. We see both the fighters training really hard under the watchful eyes of Whis.

There is a massive explosion on Beerus' planet, waking up Beerus and disrupting the training of Goku and Vegeta. Beerus is angry that he was woken up, which he thinks is the handiwork of Goku and Vegeta. So he attacks them with laser blasts. Hilarious scene ensues, as both try to escape Beerus' attack.

But after sometime when the confusion clears, Champa and Vados are seen. This marks the arrival of Universe 6. Champa attacks Beerus' door and the latter attacks thinking it must be Goku and Vegeta's mischievous acts.

When the blast hits Champa, he lets out a scream that assures Beerus that it is Champa.

Beerus invites Champa and Vados and they are both fed various items. Vados introduces Champa as Beerus' fat twin brother and the God of Destruction from Universe 6; himself as Whis' sister.

Champa and Vados are fed ramen noodles that, Beerus notes, is from Earth. Champa reveals that the Earth in their Universe was destroyed by the human wars. The story in Dragon Ball Super is that of Universe 7 and according to Dragon Ball franchise, there are 12 universes.

Champa gets angry as Beerus is mocking him, which leads to a fight that causes heavy turbulence on the planet, making it shake.

So, Beerus and Champa agree that they should not fight but rather have a tournament with other fighters. Champa noted that if he wins then the Earth from Universe 7 would be moved to Universe 6.

Beerus is seen accepting the challenge as he has the chance to use Super Dragon Balls (with Bulma's help); Champa reportedly has only six of them. Goku and Vegeta are excited that they are participating in a tournament and can test their skills and the episode ends here.

This episode had a scene where Beerus talks to the audience about the multiverse theory, which the report said was never done before in the Dragon Ball franchise.

Toei Animation has also shared the preview for episode 29: 'Towards an inter-universe combat era!' that will be screened next week. The preview video notes the excitement of Goku and Champa's wry smiles. We also have a glimpse of Bulma too, and Goku wearing a new suit.