Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super episode 27 was aired on 17 January.Twitter

Dragon Ball Super, the popular anime TV show from the Toei Animation studio, aired episode 27, titled "The decisive Kamehameha Goku!" marks the end of the Resurrection F saga and makes way for a whole new storyline marking the start of the Champa saga.

In the previous episode, we had seen how Goku was attacked by Frieza's henchmen Sorbet, after Goku came down to his base state.

This had immediately prompted Vegeta to step in and save Goku, even as Frieza prepares his ultimate attack.

Krillin is attacked by Frieza when the former tries to feed the Senzu bean (it has rejuvenation properties) to Goku. But thankfully, Vegeta deflects Frieza's blast and it hits Sorbet instead; killing him instantly.

The Super Saiyan Blue form is not limited to Goku alone, as we see Vegeta also is powering up to this form. Goku is seen doing the explanation on how Vegeta became a Super Saiyan Blue, as he did not have to power up using the help of other Saiyans, but was able to reach it due to his "will power".

Vegeta was training with Whis for a longer duration than Goku, reported Attack of the Fanboy in its review of episode 27.

Vegeta shows the power from his newly acquired form to Frieza, blasting him from location to location. But soon, Frieza uses his power and decides to blast off the Earth but thanks to Whis' power to reverse time and protect other characters, Goku gets another chance to attack Frieza. So, he powers up to his Super Saiyan Blue form and once and for all terminates Frieza.

The killing of Frieza also marks the end of the Resurrection F saga and thus, begins the Champa saga with episode 28 titled "Entry Stage! The God of Destruction Champa!"

Toei Animation shared the preview of episode 28 which opens with Champa attacking Whis with a powerful blast. Whis dissuades it. Vegeta and Goku are seen asking question as to who looked like a fatter version of Beerus? They are even seen asking if it is the brother of Beerus. Fans are also revealed about the talk of the sixth Universe.

Champa is revealed to be the God of Destruction of sixth Universe.