Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super returns after a week's break from New Year.Twitter

Dragon Ball Super, Toei Animation's popular anime TV show, is back after going on a New Year's break with episode 26 titled, "A Chance of Victory in a Critical Situation! It Is Time for a Counterattack, Son Goku!" It was aired on 10 January.

Episode 26 marks the continuation of the Resurrection F saga that saw Frieza come to Earth for his revenge against Goku but in a powerful new form. He can now power up to Golden Frieza form. It is not just him who is powerful, but Goku too can transform into a Super Saiyan Blue.

Previously, we had seen how Whis got an SOS from Bulma about the dire need for Goku to come back to Earth after Frieza unlocked his terror. This led to Goku and Vegeta returning to Earth cutting short their training with Whis.

So once they were on Earth, Goku engages Frieza in some action-packed scenes that saw Goku being knocked on the ground in episode 25.

Episode 26 had promised action and delivers it. Goku and Frieza continue their fight, and each of their punches are more powerful than before. Attack of the Fanboy, in its review notes that the episode had some funny moments too, where Goku bit Frieza's tail in between the fight, a typical Dragon Ball Z.

The Goku and Frieza fight makes Vegeta impatient and he too wants to get in to the fight. Meanwhile, Goku and Vegeta find out a weakness in Frieza's new golden form. He cannot stay in that for a long duration.

With the progression of the fight, Frieza is seen becoming weaker and Goku gaining his lost ground and dominating his opponent.

Goku is seen powering down to his base form as he thinks that he can make Frieza give up the fight, but he does not realise Frieza and his army are not there to give up yet. One of Frieza's henchmen Sorbet weakens Goku after shooting him with his ring.

Episode 26 ends with the scene that has Vegeta landing into the fight as he dissuades Frieza killing Goku. So the next episode will now see fight between Vegeta and Frieza ensuing, thus promising more action.

Toei Animation has shared the preview video of episode 27 titled "The decisive Kamehameha Goku!", which shows us how Vegeta too powers up to a Blue form, and Goku gives him a heads up to terminate Frieza with the new form. We see from the visuals how Vegeta is not affected with Frieza's attacks, and moves directly to attack him.

But there is something shocking that happens in the last two frames before the credits roll up. We see Frieza unleashing a powerful energy that blasts one of the planets. We will now have to wait and watch until 17 January for more details. 

Episode 27 will mark the end of Resurrection F saga.