Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super aired episode 26 on 27 December.Twitter

Dragon Ball Super from Toei Animation is a popular anime TV show among Dragon Ball Z fans, and it airs on Fuji TV for Japan exclusively. The show aired episode 25 titled, "An All-Out Battle! The Vengeful Golden Frieza" on 27 December.

We had a brief glimpse of Goku transforming into his new Super Saiyan Blue form in episode 24, but we did not know how powerful it was. And episode 25 shows us the true import of his transformation. However, it was not just Goku who could power up, Frieza too transformed into his new Golden form, says Attack of the Fanboy in its review.

The report points out at the lack of explanation on how Goku achieved Super Saiyan Blue and maybe it is saved for future episodes.

Frieza initially tries to attack Goku in the base form itself and powers up to his new Golden form only when he realises that it is futile to do so in base form. 

Previously, thanks to Bulma who had sent an SOS to Whis, Goku and Vegeta come to know about the dire situation on Earth with Frieza comes in with a huge army. Both of them were busy training with Whis.

Goku gets angry that Frieza is trying to hurt his close friends and as both the rivals power up, they are seen attacking with different types of moves using the Ki blasts. The episode also features a lot of talking between the central characters.

Episode 25 has Beerus and Whis come across Champa and Vados while travelling in space, as they head to Earth. In fact both do not suspect anything amiss and Beerus thinks that Champa wants to steal his food. 

The episode ends with a scene that shows Frieza knocking Goku on to the ground.

The next episode 26 titled "A Chance of Victory in a Critical Situation! It Is Time For a Counterattack, Son Goku!" will not be airing next Sunday (i.e 3 January, 2016), as the series is going on a New Year break. It had previously confirmed to air on 10 January, 2016.

Toei Animation has shared the preview of episode 26, where it is seen that Goku comes to terms with the power of Frieza's new form since his attacks are hitting him with greater accuracy. But he is not deterred by this and is in no mood to give it up.

The preview also has an image of Champa facing Beerus and it has been suggested that the Champa Saga might start from episode 26.