Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super Episode 10 preview.Twitter

The recently-aired episode 9, 'Sorry About the Wait, Beerus — Finally, Super Saiyan God is Born!' saw Goku's transformation into The Super Saiyan God, with the help of Z-Fighters. But sadly, since none of them knew how to do it, Shenron the Eternal dragon was summoned to give advice.

The episode revealed Videl telling about her pregnancy to the joy of Gohan and the unborn Pan being the final piece of six Z-Fighters to power Goku to Super Saiyan God level.

The whole episode did not see any action between Goku and Beerus but it just had the transformation part. So their fight is now carried over to the next episode, i.e. Episode 10 that carries the title, 'Show me Saiyan Goku!'

[SPOILER ALERT] The preview trailer for Episode 10 is in fact promising, as we see Goku struggling in his fight against Beerus even though he has transformed into a Super Saiyan God. The video shows Goku's confidence making a comeback after him transforming into the new level. He now thinks he can have a chance to beat Beerus.

But even after going very close to Beerus, he is still unable to hit him. Beerus is not as impressed as he was when Goku took on the new form. The Z-Fighters watching the fight below are shocked at how Goku is still unable to land a punch.

We also see King Kai running for cover in his planet as he is the only person who knows the intensity and impact of the blows.

Dragon Ball Super fans need not worry much since the preview trailer has a shot of Goku performing the God Kamehameha technique, a blue-tinged powerful burst of energy wave. This is a rather powerful variation of Kamehameha Rebirth.


Episode 10 titled 'Show me Saiyan Goku!' will go on air on 13, Spetember, 2015 exclusively for the Japanese Fuji TV.