Dragon Age: Inquisition
Dragon Age: Inquisition was released on 18 November, 2014dragonage.com

Skyhold in Dragon Age: Inquisition is the headquarters of the restored Inquisition. The throne in your stronghold changes when players do something. It can get bigger and will have an incense burner.

Below are different types of unlocks and upgrades that will help players know the difference between different types of thrones. These unlocks are applied automatically, said Redditor Teddypig in a post. All these upgrades are found from the War Table Missions.

Players will get Andrastian Chantry Throne after the completion of Cassandra's big quest for which they will land up with Exalted Plains Resources upgrade.

If players are able to complete Mayor Dedrick Judgement, they will get Ferelden Throne, which will fetch them the Crestwood Resources update.

Completion of Chief Movran The Under and his Siege Goat Judgment will get players Chasinad Throne for which they receive the upgrade of Fallow Mire Resorces.

The completion of Iron Bull's big quest will fetch players with Qunari Throne with upgrade of The Hissing Wastes Resources.

Players will get Enchanter Throne if they Complete Vivienne's mission for a heart and for which they will get the upgrade of Hinterland Resources.

For Orlais Throne players must complete Mistress Poulin Judgment for which they will get Exalted Plains Resources.

And as for Skyhold Throne, playes will have to complete the Dragon Maw one from the Deluxe Edition.

Cheats help in Getting Naked Characters

Players have always found some new ways to play the game, especially after making tweaks on them. A Redditor, No-Shit-Sherlock, has found out that by modifying some of the special cheat tools, players will get nude characters. Players will be able to get armour sets that let the characters go naked.

This was possible by tweaking with the Cheat Engine script.