Dr Samkari
Dr Samkari

Dr Zaid Al-Samkari also known as Dr Samkari is a general surgeon. Dr Samkari has completed his graduation from Jordan University of Science and Technology. Later, he completed his residency program in general surgery from Royal Medical Services Hospital under Arab Board.

Dr Samkari has a number of achievements in his list. He is known for spreading medical awareness among people. He posts medical contents on his social media handles to widespread the knowledge among every person who is available on social media. Samkari is the author of several medical research related books. His contributions in the field of medical science is appreciated by all. Dr Samkari was the first doctor who has successfully discovered the link between appendicitis and how genetic factors affect it. By his finding he has brought a revolution in the field of medical sciences. His discoveries are published in many journals, most notable among them is British medical journal. He hosts a medical series named TikTalk, he has made this series based on original content. This series is a social experiment where people are interviewed on the street.

Dr Samkari is an active user of social media. He uses social media as a way to spread his knowledge as a form of contents. He has also got more than 100 million followers on both Instagram and TikTok combined, 850k followers on instagram and 90k on TikTok.

Sr samkari's awareness activities get media coverage. He has even appeared on television a number of times. He has been seen on Al Mamlaka Tv station, Jordan Tv and BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). Not only that, he has been seen in Jordanian newspapers such as Al-Rai newspaper, Al Dustour and Al-Ghad newspaper.

Dr Zaid Al-Samkari is also known for his charities. He always helps people with special needs. Dr Samkari has received an honorary shield from the Amman Municipality. He has also received a special title, Lametkhar.
Dr Samkari's posts are mainly targeted for the age group of 18-24. He writes unique, appealing and knowledgeable contents for older people also. He is considered a reliable and credible source of medical information.

Dr Samkari is an inspiration for many upcoming doctors. He is ranked among the top influence in his field.