Dr. Rishiraj Pathak

In a remarkable cinematic ode to the deep legacy of Sanskrit guru Acharya Ramakant Shukla, the forthcoming documentary film 'Bharat Ki Awaaz: Acharya Ramakant Shukla" is poised to captivate audiences with its touching narrative and cultural history. Produced by Dr. Rishiraj Pathak and directed by Beenu Rajpoot, the documentary film is said to highlight the enduring influence of Sanskrit literature on India's cultural landscape.

Scheduled for release on 10th March 2024 at Alliance Francaise, Delhi, 'Bharat Ki Awaaz: Acharya Ramakant Shukla' will offer a compelling glimpse into the life and legacy of Acharya Shukla, an inspiring figure in Sanskrit literature. Born on 24th December 1940 in Khurja, Uttar Pradesh, Acharya Shukla's dedication to Sanskrit knowledge, literature and art has left a significant mark on the literary heritage of India.

Dr. Rishiraj Pathak, born on 8th March 1989 in New Delhi is renowned for his multifaceted talents as a poet, musician and scholar. He spearheads this cinematic endeavour with a deep sense of reverence and admiration for his guru, Acharya Ramakant Shukla. Reflecting on the film's significance, Dr. Pathak remarks, "This film is a heartfelt tribute to my guru, Acharya Ramakant Shukla." He further adds, "It took us 6 months to complete this film, and the saddest thing was that Acharya ji passed away just 2 days after the shooting was over."

At its core, the documentary film is a celebration of the enduring legacy of Sanskrit as a language of wisdom and enlightenment. Through this film, Dr. Rishiraj Pathak underscores the timeless relevance of Sanskrit, emphasizing its ancient origins and its pivotal role in shaping India's literary tradition. With minute attention to detail and a profound commitment to authenticity, the film will give a sneak peek into the journey of Acharya Shukla's life and contributions.

Supported by Devvani Parishad Delhi, the documentary represents a collaborative effort to preserve and promote India's rich cultural heritage. It would not be wrong to say that director Beenu Rajpoot's artistic vision and Dr. Rishiraj Pathak's scholarly expertise will create a cinematic masterpiece that transcends boundaries and resonates with audiences worldwide.

Moreover, Dr. Pathak is hopeful that the documentary will showcase the power of storytelling to educate, inspire and unite communities. Through its exploration of Acharya Shukla's life and legacy, the film also ignites a renewed appreciation for the beauty and significance of Sanskrit literature in the modern world.

With less than a month for the documentary to release, audiences are invited to embark on a transformative journey through the corridors of history, guided by the profound insights and poetic brilliance of Acharya Ramakant Shukla. Let's wait for 10th March 2024 to witness what the makers have in store for all the cinephiles.