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Dr. Dre, who topped Forbes' 'Hip-Hop Cash Kings' list a few months ago, emerged as the world's highest-paid musician beating Beyonce by half a billion dollars.

Even though Beyonce, often called as Queen Bey, has proved the degree of her popularity by hanging out with royalty in her spare time, she missed the mark on Forbes list of the world's highest-paid musicians.

Rapper, producer and Beats co-founder Dr. Dre, with his $620 million figure topped the list. The credit partially goes to the recent sale of Beats to Apple for $3 billion. The 49- year-old star had co-founded the audio electronics company in the year 2008.

"It's safe to say headphones is a good business," said DJ Khaled, one of hip-hop's top earners.

Beyonce, however, managed to secure the second place with $115 million earnings. This is considered to be the "Crazy in Love" singer's most lucrative year to date, mostly because of her Mrs. Carter show world tour, surprise album drop and advertisements that included Pepsi and H&M.

What is the most striking feature of the list is the fact that there is a difference of $505 million between Dr. Dre and Beyonce's 2014 earnings. This gap is reportedly the largest in history between the top two artists on Forbes' list.

The Eagles follow with their $100 million mark courtesy of their 'History of The Eagles'.

Bon Jovi, Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber have also made it to the list.

Bon Jovi told Forbes, "I think it's just wise to be efficient. I know big bands where each of them has personal assistants on the road, each of them has a security guard. We don't have a security guard. Take your own friggin' bags!"

Forbes list of World's Highest-Paid Musicians 2014 is as follows:

1. Dr. Dre ($620 million)
2. Beyoncé ($115 million)
3. The Eagles ($100 million)
4. Bon Jovi ($82 million)
5. Bruce Springsteen ($81 million)
6. Justin Bieber ($80 million)
7. One Direction ($75 million)
8. Paul McCartney ($71 million)
9. Calvin Harris ($66 million)
10. Toby Keith ($65 million)
11. Taylor Swift ($64 million)
12. Jay Z ($60 million)(tie)
12. Diddy ($60 million)(tie)
12. Bruno Mars ($60 million)(tie)
15. Justin Timberlake ($57 million)
16. Pink ($52 million)
17. Michael Bublé ($51 million)
18. Rihanna ($48 million)
19. Rolling Stones ($47 million)
20. Roger Waters ($46 million)
21. Elton John ($45 million)
22. Kenny Chesney ($44 million)
23. Katy Perry ($40 million)
24. Jason Aldean ($37 million)(tie)
24. Jennifer Lopez ($37 million)(tie)
26. Miley Cyrus ($36 million)(tie)
26. Celine Dion ($36 million)(tie)
28. Muse ($34 million)(tie)
28. Luke Bryan ($34 million)(tie)
30. Lady Gaga ($33 million)(tie)
30. Drake ($33 million)(tie)