The final season of Julian Fellowes' "Downton Abbey" will premiere soon and we can't wait to see it. The 20th century period drama has taken us through love, death, friendship and most importantly, the political events that unfolded in Britain during that time.

The series' season 6 spoilers have ranged from the Dowager's death to Winston Churchill references. However, we cannot confirm the veracity of these claims, but we can tell you that Mr. Green's death will most definitely be resolved in season 6.

In her latest interview to Deadline, actress Joanne Froggatt said: "We do see the mystery behind Mr. Green's death resolved. Obviously how it's resolved I can't tell you, or whether it's good or bad for the Bates I can't tell you, but it's resolved. We get to the bottom with what exactly happened, and as always, there's quite a lot of drama for Anna and Mr Bates in season six. There are always bits of happiness there for them as well, but it's never easily attained, so we sort of carry on in that vein to finish off."

Froggatt's reference to Anna and Bates' happiness reveals that the couple may or may not be together at the end of the season. In all likelihood, Mr Bates could be wrongly hanged for a crime he did not commit.

Julian Fellowes told New York Times that some of his characters are just born with bad luck. His characters Anna and Bates belong to this category. Just like their employer, Lady Edith, Anna and Mr. Bates find their happiness dissipate quickly.

In his interview, Fellowes made an interesting remark about the couple. He said: "I think in life there are people who are unlucky — the bread always falls with the butter side down. Bates and Anna have that, with a key difference, which is that they have a very strong love with each other. Anna is one of the most admirable characters in the series. She's come from a tough childhood, we know now, and yet she hasn't allowed it to distort her. We live in this great excuse generation, where nothing's ever your own fault and everything's always because someone was terrible to you. I think that our lives are the result of our own choices, and when I see that in action I really admire it." 

Although Fellowes' cryptic remark only indicates that Anna and Bates' struggle to find happiness continues, we are happy that the mystery behind Mr. Green's death will finally be resolved.

"Downton Abbey" premieres on January 6th, 2016 on PBS.