For those who are avid watchers of Julian Fellowes' period drama "Downton Abbey", it is a time of sadness. Not only is the plot of season 6 heartbreakingly tragic, the finale is near. For fans, this marks the end of the drama that unfolds in the Crawley family, and with it, an opportunity to view life in the early 20th century in Britain. 

In case you missed episode 7, we will recap the events that took place. The eldest daughter of the Crawley family, Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) ends her short but sweet relationship with Henry Talbot (Matthew Goode) after witnessing a death on the race track. The under butler at Downton, Thomas Barrow (Rob James-Collier), finds himself extremely dispensable and struggles to forge friendships or even display his talent in the household.

Elsewhere in the episode, some happy moments do occur. Lady Edith (Laura Carmichael) gets a proposal from her love Bertie Pelham (Henry Hadden-Paton). Furthermore, Mr. Molsely is offered a job as a local school teacher. 

The teaser for episode 8, the last one before the Christmas special, hints at the unlucky and yet forced situations the Crawleys find themselves in. In the thirty second clip, Lady Edith confides in her mother and contemplates whether or not to tell Bertie the truth about her illegitimate daughter, Marigold.

However, we predict that Bertie will find out about Edith's daughter, possibly from Lord Grantham (Hugh Bonneville). In the teaser, he says, "I just want her to be happy." 

Although Robert's intentions are for the best, this leads to another fight between Lady Mary and Edith. In the clip, Edith accuses her elder sister of being selfish and ruining any chance of happiness Edith can find. While the younger of the two launches her tirade, Mary looks on, feeling confused and quite befuddled. 

In light of another major fight between them, it remains to be seen if they will ever reconcile.

Furthermore, will Bertie still want to marry Edith despite the baggage she will bring to their marriage?

Episode 8's synopsis reads:

"Bertie's circumstances change suddenly, leaving Edith uncertain whether to risk telling him the truth or keep her past a secret at all costs. Mary wonders if she can ever make peace with her sister, as hostilities escalate, Spratt shows some hidden talents and Molesley's first day as a teacher does not go according to plan. Mrs Patmore's bed and breakfast attracts unwanted attention, leaving her in need of the Crawleys' help." 

"Downton Abbey" season 6 episode 8 will be aired on Sunday, 8 November at 9pm on ITV. 

Watch the teaser for episode 8 here: