As the period drama, "Downton Abbey" will wrap up the Crawley family's saga in season 6, what's to happen to those who work downstairs? The lives of Mrs Patmore (Lesley Nicol), Mr Carson (Jim Carter), Mrs Hughes (Phyllis Logan), Daisy (Sophie McShara) and Anna (Joanne Froggatt) hang in the balance. We already know that Mr Carson has proposed marriage to Mrs Hughes, and what a wedding that promises to be. Nevertheless, another couple who has always struggled to find happiness is Anna and Mr Bates.

In season 5, Mr Bates (Brendon Coyle) was arrested for Mr Green's murder, a crime that he did not commit. However, as Bates finds himself behind bars again, will he get out? Will there be a baby in the offing for the adoring, lovable couple? We certainly hope so.

In order to evaluate Anna and Bates' relationship, one must revisit their marriage in season 5. As is usual in all the seasons of "Downton Abbey", the two struggle and fight after Anna is raped by Mr Green, the valet. Anna's strength in season 5 is tested and undercut by Mr Bates' badgering questions about her aloofness. That she doesn't confide in her husband immediately takes a toll on their relationship, but since "Downton Abbey" isn't a depressing show, the two makeup and a few days later, but Bates is arrested for Mr Green's murder.

While a happy ending for Anna and Mr Bates wouldn't go amiss, the producers could complicate the plot for them. In the final season, we could see Anna pregnant. However, the father of the child could be in question.

If Anna is indeed pregnant, we could see a resurgence of happiness among the two. But Bates' penchant for self-doubt could impel him to question if the baby is indeed his. This narrative could most probably be explored in the final season.

Since Anna has always been cheery and positive, we hope that she dispels Bates doubts and reinforces the fact that they are indeed married, and that it is still Anna's child. Throughout the show, Bates has always loved Anna unconditionally, but could this be the final straw?

We don't think so. Bates is liberal and broad-minded enough to accept and love the baby even if the fathership is in question. In the end, we do envisage a happy ending for the two,

Or as The Telegraph suggests, this could happen to the couple:

"Anna and Mr Bates (Brendan Coyle) take over the running of the Downton estate. In a perspicacious move, they start making artisanal bread and unusual chutneys, providing an early example of the farmers' market."