Downton Abbey
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Anyone who is a fan of "Downton Abbey" is most probably in mourning. The British period drama, set in the 20s bid adieu to television screens last year after a successful six year run. And even though the TV show wrapped up its plot neatly and offered closure to every storyline that mattered, fans still hope to feel comforted by the beautiful British estate and its many residents.

And interestingly, it may not be the end for this hit ITV show. According to latest reports, "Downton Abbey" could be made into a movie.

Michelle Dockery, who plays the role of Lady Mary Crawley in "Downton Abbey" teased at the possibility of a movie. During an interview with The Telegraph, the 34-year-old actress reminisced her days on the sets of the period drama. In responses that seemed genuine and heartfelt, she said that she missed the cast members the most and added that there is potential for a film.

"That is something I would wholeheartedly consider, so we will see. It may not be over yet," Dockery said.

To be sure, rumours about a "Downton Abbey" film have been rife ever since the last and final installment, Season 6, premiered. Show creator Julian Fellowes had said earlier that the period drama could be made into a film, but added that there is no script or even pre-production.

Similar thoughts were echoed by cast member Joanne Froggatt. She told E! Online, "There's real talk. I don't think there's a script yet, but maybe I'm wrong. I haven't seen a script yet. But maybe there is one. I think it could happen. It could happen."

Some cast members of "Downton Abbey" certainly seem thrilled to be part of a full length feature film, if it ever comes to be. However, fans of the show may not see some characters. The "Downton Abbey" film could be marked by Maggie Smith's absence. The 81-year-old actress had decided to leave the show after Season 6.

Fellowes said the TV series could have continued for another season, but he felt it would have been marred by the dowager's absence.

So far, Smith has not confirmed or denied if she is ready to be part of a "Downton Abbey" film. However, she did say earlier that she was quite happy with the show ending with Season 6.

"Oh yeah. No I really am. Because honestly, she was about—by the time we're through—she must've been 110. So, I couldn't go on and on and on. I couldn't. It just didn't make sense," Cinema Blend quoted her as saying.