Taiwan Excellence will hold the second edition of the Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup (TEGC), after its stupendous debut last year.

The worldwide championship provides a platform for gamers in India to assemble, engage and compete. The tournament will challenge DOTA 2 gamers to vie for the coveted trophy, apart from cumulative cash prizes of Rs 4 lakh for winners. 

The tournament is divided into two rounds for each city - Eliminations and a Grand Finale – with the former being conducted from select offline venues as per a pre-set schedule.

After a decent response to the event last year, this year, the TEGC will be hosting the elimination rounds in Delhi as well. 

This year, elimination rounds will be held between 14 August and 16 August in Delhi; between 21 and 23 August in Mumbai, and also from 4 to 6 September and 11 to 13 September. To participate in the contest, participants can register on http://www.tegamingcup.com/#Schedule.

They will have to be present with their teams at the venue between 10 am and 12 noon on the first day of the event to get their registered slot confirmed. Registrations will close on the first day of the event if the slots are full.

"With professional gaming becoming one of the most lucrative careers in recent history, some of the world's best players are known to have made up to US $365,000 playing in tournaments. The Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup, a one–of-its-kind tournament too, has become a Mecca for gamers to prove their mettle with significant cash prizes, a championship title and other goodies at stake," said Michael Lin, director of the Taipei World Trade Centre Liaison Office in Mumbai.

 There will be a hi-tech exhibit of some of the latest lifestyle products from Taiwan Excellence, including sleek tablets, smartphones, gaming technology, leisure related products and travel products. The event is being sponsored by ACER, ADATA, Acer, Asus, BenQ, D-Link, FSP, Gigabyte, GX, MSi, Thermaltake and Transcend.

The gala challenge will see games like DOTA 2 (Steam version), Competition method: 5 versus 5 (Team play, 5 players per team) and Game Mode: Captains Mode (CM) being played.

After the eliminations, eight teams will qualify to play in the Grand Finale, a day-long 'League of Excellence' festival that will be open to gaming buffs and audiences at a central venue. The event will also be streamed live on Twitch TV.

The Finale will culminate into a grand award ceremony, which would see winners and participants being lauded for their performances and provided chances to win gaming gadgets and a total cash prize of Rs. 4 lakh.  

All eight teams qualifying for the finale will win guaranteed cash prizes. The winning team will take home a cash prize of Rs. 1.70 lakh. The team winning the second spot will get a cash prize of Rs. 90,000, while those winning the third and fourth spots will take home Rs. 40,000 each. The fifth and the sixth spot winners will take home Rs. 20,000 each and those winning the seventh and the eight spots will get Rs. 10,000 each.

Note: Competitors are expected to bring their own equipment, including keyboards, mouses, headsets and mouse- pads.