DOTA 2 new update
DOTA 2 Nemesis Assassin event goes liveDOTA

With a player count of ten million per month, DOTA 2 is considered as one of the biggest cult games in the "Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)" genre. The most significant reason behind it's popularity is its game play, multiple heroes and frequent updates.

After releasing a few small patches, the DOTA 2 developer Valve has decided to come up with a major update. The Valve has shared some significant details along with the launch of Forseer's Contract patch.

According to Valve, "During each day of the event, contracts will be put out on the life of those heroes listed on Oracle's Nemesis Registry, and these contracts can either be fulfilled or denied during the course of the match."

What's new?

The latest update includes tons of new features including a new hero, Oracle, one of the rarest characters dragged from DOTA 1. Beside that the patch features the Manifold Paradox Arena for Phantom Assassin, new models, heroic effigies, a new treasure, and a victory-predicting item.

The major patch also features improved gameplay, network fixes and improved interface with several bug fixes. It also allows Broodmother and Pheonix to be picked in Captain Mode, means the player can see the heroes in professional matches from now on.

The new update doesn't feature any separate mode with a different rule. It features normal, unranked matchmaking games.

To play the Nemesis Assassin Event in Dota 2, one player in your unranked matchmaking game should own the Manifold Paradox Arcana set for Phantom Assassin with a price of $35. One team also needs to select Phantom Assassin as heroes and the the other team has to select eligible target heroes. Oracle will release a list of nemesis that you need to kill. If every hero gets killed multiple times by DOTA community, the event will bring more difficult contracts.

If you are chosen as Phantom Assassin, you have to kill your target before the target kills you and if you are the target, make sure to kill the Phantom Assassin before he kills you.

You can earn rewards even if you're not the target hero or Assassin by normal participation. If your team wins the game after completing the contract, it will get honoured with a trophy.