Dornier aircraft
A Dornier aircraft of the Indian Navy. [Representational Image]IANS

The bodies of Lt Kiran Shekhawat and Lt Abhinav Nagori have been recovered from the fuselage of the crashed Doriner-228 of the Indian Navy from the Arabian Sea, off the Goa coast.

Naval divers recovered Shekhawat's body late on Thursday night, while that of Nagori - who was also the co-pilot of the aircraft - was found early on Friday morning. Along with the bodies, the naval team also recovered flight data recorder of the Doriner aircraft, Hindustan Times reported.

The aircraft had crashed on Tuesday and is lying 50 meters deep inside the sea. Three naval officers were onboard the Doriner at the time of the crash. Pilot of the aircraft Commander Nikhil Kuldip Joshi, however, survived the crash as he was rescued by a fishing boat.

The fishermen found him in an unconscious state, floating in the sea. They handed over Joshi to the naval Fast Interceptor Craft. He was treated at naval hospital Patanjali in Karnataka's Karwar area, and is now stable, according to a DNA report.

After taking off from Goa's naval base for a routine night training sortie, the aircraft lost radar and radio contact with the base at around 10:08 pm and later crashed into the Arabian Sea, in the west of Goa's coast.