The release date of upcoming FPS video game Doom, which is a reboot of id Software, has reportedly been leaked online via a retail listing on Amazon France.

The leaked date suggests that the rebooted game will be releasing on 30 June, 2016 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Though many reports said this could only be a placeholder date, it was argued that if it was a placeholder date, retailers would have put it up as 31 December. But this is not the case with this release date, hence making it look like an authentic date, Game Rant reported.

The leak was initially spotted by Twitter user MasterGamer24680

However, we cannot as yet jump to a conclusion on the leaked date unless publisher Bethesda announces the same. But one thing that has been widely reported is the fact that the game will be arriving in 2016.

Bethesda showcased the gameplay trailer of Doom at E3 2016, raising hopes of gamers and promising a good FPS game.

Previously, similar leaks by retailers have revealed release dates of upcoming games Homefront: The Revolution and Mafia 3. Amazon France had also leaked the date for Rise of the Tomb Raider for PC, which turned out to be true.