Welcome to Doom: The end is nigh!
Welcome to Doom: The end is nigh!

Some big announcements and revelations have already been made at this year's E3. These include impressive stuff related to Star Wars, the new Mass Effect, a brand new gameplay trailer for No Man's Sky and more. However, being a bit biased (and proud about it), nothing comes even close to the official reveal for the new Doom.

The new Doom is as dark and repulsive as we remember from the last time that we sat down in front of our then-dated PCs and indulged in hours (even days) of mind-less mayhem and murder.

However, things have changed a lot in the industry since. Backed by the power of the new generation consoles and PC, a number of such epic series' have made a comeback with the new Doom being the latest one to join the bandwagon.

Doom isn't just another shooter, it's a gore fest that we have grown up with. Back in the day, believe it or not, we didn't access to all the high profile consoles that you take for granted these days. All we had was our Pentium-run dinosaurs that still did well in getting the world rid of Hellspawns.

However, there was a saying at that time "if your PC runs Doom, it's good to run anything." There aren't any obligations like that now, and Bethesda is finally ready to indulge in the power of next generation and offer a Doom that will bring back the glorious days.

Doom 2015 – First Look

  • One of the best things we have come across from the reveal trailer for the new Doom is the return of the ridiculously powerful Super Shotgun. It's overtly (and stupidly) powerful, and we love it.
  • Doom was always known for its intense weapons that allowed you to create the maximum mayhem possible, and with the Super Shotgun making a comeback, expect to take down hordes with just one shot – that's enough to split heads, rip out a heart and then some.
  • Going by whatever we have gathered from the reveal trailer, and as expected, the game will be coming with some impressive visuals. Each stage has a plenty of room and you can perform your double jump ability to reach higher pedestals.
  • There are sorts of soldier zombies in the game that, even though not carrying any specific weapon, are still equipped with military gear. Know that these are the guys that you will be mowing down for ammo refills.
  • If the overpowered Super Shotgun is not your cup of tea, you could always get rid of the Hellspawn scum with an equally effective assault rifle. Or maybe you will find heaven in the Plasma Cannon that will turn your enemies into a bloody mess of flesh and guts.
  • But if you are more of a melee person, there's hope yet for you. Scrap the gun and pick up a chainsaw, rip your enemies into shreds, and feel the impact of the blade as it cuts through the wriggling body of your enemy, ultimately ripping them into two.
  • No matter what the preferred weapon is, it won't mean much if the mayhem isn't backed by some gory visuals, enough for your inner demons to attain nirvana. Thankfully, the new Doom has death animations that look cool, with each of the animations different from the other, depending upon the point of impact.
  • And the kind of kills that you can perform in this Doom is way ahead of what we have seen from the series so far. For instance, you could stomp on your enemy's head or even force feed a power generator and watch them explode.
  • Doom will have a plethora of multiplayer options on release. And we really like the one that will transform you into a relentless demon that will run through the stage with increased fire power.
  • And since this is "The Doom", expect the BFG to be available to take down massive cyberdemons.

On a level of 1 to 10, how excited are you about the new Doom? Let us know in the comments section below.