The coronavirus pandemic has changed how we live life and it has also changed the lives of celebrities. As many have been forced to go into quarantine and there are also those who have been brave enough to self-quarantine, the majority of the population is still struggling to make sense of the situation.

In her latest interview, Sonam Kapoor opened about life under quarantine. She also addressed her decision to come back to India and the controversies she found herself embroiled in online. The got up close and personal with a media outlet. 

Sonam Kapoor
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Sonam Kapoor's return to India amidst coronavirus fears

Living in these times of the coronavirus pandemic makes everything uncertain. We know little of what it's like to be under quarantine. In her interview with Anupama Chopra for Film Companion, Sonam Kapoor discussed what it was like to come back to India and why at all she needed to come back in the first place.

She said that when the pandemic had started to become a reality the Bollywood actress cancelled all her professional travel around Europe. She said that the main reason why she and her husband Anand Ahuja returned to India from the UK was because of her parents and in-laws who happen to be in a vulnerable category. Her own parents are 63 and she said that if anything were to happen, there would be nobody to take care of them. 

Sonam admitted that even though they were flying back before the travel ban, they were scared to do so considering how contagious the virus is and the uncertainty of coming in contact with it. Sonam Kapoor said she was extremely impressed with the courage of the staff at the airport, who checked for temperatures. By a chance of fate, luckily the actress's decision to cancel her travel, had got her exempt from complex checks and routines. 

Sonam revealed that when they returned Anand and her went into self-quarantine in Anand's outhouse. This meant distancing themselves from their family. She also said that she was privileged to have the option of staying in comfort while under quarantine.

Sonam Kapoor's self-quarantine

In the interview, Sonam shared that when they returned, despite the PM making his speech people were continuing to live life as usual. She spoke about her own parents, "I don't think my parents or my in-laws understood the gravity of the situation. They were still going out, still living their regular life. They're not on social media as much. They're not watching TV as much, even if they are watching television...I don't think the news is completely transparent or objective. They're not understanding the gravity of the situations. So, I am so glad we came back, because like, they didn't know that the staff was not supposed to come home. People were still coming home, and all those things were stopped, so I am glad I came back." 

Sonam Kapoor
@sonamkapoor on Instagram

Sonam said that even though people think she always has her foot in the mouth, the reason why she defended Kanika Kapoor was that she felt it was wrong to ostracise her. She did say that it was wrong on Kanika Kapoor's part to attend parties, and it was irresponsible for an educated person to do that, however, the singer had gotten tested. She said, that empathy is the need of the hour, and because of what happened to Kanika after she posted that she's positive and then deleted the post, it will discourage people from talking about it or getting tested. 

Sonam Kapoor talked about watching movies, she said that it's important to have a regimen under quarantine with fixed activities to divide your day into. She advised everybody to avoid watching series and watch films instead. Well, at least she's doing her bit, everybody else should perhaps do theirs as well.