Don't Fall Prey To Black Friday Deals; Here Are Some Smart Shopping Tips
Everything On Sale Isn't The Best Deal; Tips On How To Get The Best Offers At The Right TimeReuters

Black Friday means the best deals on almost everything in most people's minds. Based on some historical data and its own experience, suggests that Black Friday might not bring the best deals of the year across all products. The publication's suggestion is not to "waste your money on things like furniture, gift cards, and tools." Waiting it out will bring better savings.

DealNews listed top 11 product categories that can wait until after Black Friday along with sensible reasoning while you focus on other worthy items. But there is no hard and fast rule, if you want it now then buy it. You be the judge.

Winter Apparel

Despite steep discounts on winter wear, DealNews suggests waiting it out as better discounts come along during winter clearance sales between January and March.

Designer Clothes

According to the deals-focused site, designer clothes get little discounts while sticking to outlet shopping makes for better savings on Black Friday. Branded clothing gets around 20 to 30 percent off, which are "yawn-worthy", according to DealNews.

Latest Amazon Fire Tablets

While there are attractive offers on tablets and smartphones, it is better to stay away from the latest releases in the Amazon Fire tablet category as they attract minimal discounts.


Based on the publication's previous year analysis, discounts on tools were 16 percent more in December than that in November.

Gift Cards

Gift cards figure in every shopping list during the holiday season but Black Friday sales may not be the best time to shop for cash-alternative cards. Again, offers on gift cards are extensive in December, mainly from iTunes.

Branded Smart TVs

It is widely promoted that TVs are on huge discounts this Black Friday, DealNews highlights the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show for new releases. The annual event brings latest entries in the television segment in Las Vegas every January, which drops the prices of older models.

Vacation Packages and Airline Ticketing

According to DealNews, planning a vacation or booking a flight in January will fetch better offers than in the year-end holiday season.

Exercise Products

Shopping for exercise equipment in December is two times cheaper than in November. The site also says that "November is overall among the worst months to make a purchase in this category."

Home and Patio Furniture

If shopping for home and patio furniture is your priority this holiday season, it is wiser to go ahead. But if you can wait for longer, then it is seen that most retailers offer huge discounts during the warmer months in July and August.

High-end Laptops

Laptops may be on steep discounts in November, but DealNews found the high-end machines tend to find better offers during the summer back-to-school season. In July and September, deals on high-end laptops make up for about 50 percent on average discount and 9 percent cheaper than in November's best sales, the site adds.

And Sadly, Chocolates and Flowers

This may be disappointing to many of us but DealNews found least offers on chocolates and flowers in November 2013. The site suggests Christmas and Valentine's Day are better times to shop in this category.