The U.S. State Department is warning travelers going to Mexico about drinking possibly tainted or counterfeit alcohol, which causes drinkers to feel sick and pass out. The travel alert advises tourists to consume alcohol in moderation, and to stop and seek medical attention if you begin to feel ill. This comes on the heels of 20-year-old tourist Abbey Conners death in January. Conner was found unresponsive along with her brother in the pool of Paradiso del Mar, a popular all-inclusive hotel. Her brother survived after suffering a severe concussion, but Abbey never woke from the coma. This prompted Conners family to question the quality of the alcohol being served at the hotel. Nolan Webster, 22, was also found unresponsive in a hotel pool after going to Cancun for vacation in 2007. The hotel official said Webster was excessively drunk, though numerous eyewitnesses on scene claimed Webster did not appear to be intoxicated. Dozens of other people also claim theyve gotten sick after drinking limited amounts of alcohol at resorts, according to a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel report. The travel warning states that people who become sick should immediately contact the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate in Mexico.