Demand for donkey meat is on the rise in parts of Andhra Pradesh and surprisingly people are ready to pay a hefty price for the same.

Donkeys are being slaughtered in Andhra Pradesh's West Godavari, Krishna, Prakasam and Guntur districts, as per the latest reports. 


Slaughter and consumption of Donkey is illegal as it is not registered as a "food animal". As per reports, several criminal gangs jointly operate the donkey meat racket in Andhra Pradesh as there is a rise in demand.

Donkeys are being brought from other states such as Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra for slaughter. "The state government must protect the donkeys. Law enforcement must save the donkeys from ending up on our dinner plates. Otherwise, people will have to go to the zoo to see donkeys," Gopal R Surabathula, secretary of NGO called Animal Rescue Org, was quoted as saying.

"Unnecessary misconceptions make people eat milk and meat of donkeys"

Surabathula's NGO has reported an illegal trade of donkey meat at Panduranga Road in West Godavari's, as reported by Latestly.

G Nehru Babu, joint director of animal husbandry in West Godavari, made it clear that slaughtering of donkeys is illegal.

"We will take serious action against people who indulge in the crime. Unnecessary misconceptions make people eat milk and meat of donkeys," Babu said. Guntur SP RN Ammi Reddy has assured a crackdown on donkey meat traders.