Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was left red-faced after US President Donald Trump mocked a member of the Pakistani press for making a statement on human rights violation in Kashmir instead of asking him a question.

The incident took place at a press conference on Monday after a Pakistani journalist, in a bid to ask Trump's comment on Kashmir, was rebuffed for not arriving at a question. "Are you from his (Imran Khan) team? You are making a statement, not asking a question," Trump said.

According to reports, the journalist again asked him another question on Kashmir, this time about alleged human rights violations in the Valley. Trump then turned to Khan and asked him, "Where do you (Imran Khan) find reporters like these?"

However, on the issue of mediation between India and Pakistan, the US President again stated that he is willing to if both sides accept his help and "India may come" around to agree to it.

Trump Khan
Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan with US President Donald Trump.Reuters

"You have to have two parties that want to agree. When they come.. . and at some point, India may come... I have a very good relationship with the Prime Minister (Narendra) Modi. I have a very good relationship with Prime Minister Khan," he said.

"And if at any time they say, you know, 'We have some points we think you can maybe iron out,' I think I'd be an extremely good arbitrator," he added.

Relations between India and US have seemingly strengthened after the success of 'Howdy, Modi!' rally in Houston where both PM Modi and Trump showed camaraderie and praised each other's administration and close Indo-US ties. Over 50,000 Indian-Americans visited the rally on Sunday.

Pakistan has sought US intervention in the mediation process with India after New Delhi decided to scrap Article 370 that gave special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir. While the mediation offer has been largely accepted by Trump who has made several attempts to host talks, the Indian government have maintained that the Kashmir issue is a bilateral matter under the Lahore Declaration and Shima Agreement.