Adolfo Lora
Adolfo Lora

Adolfo Lora, who has more than 155 thousand followers on Instagram and has stood out for the videos he makes on YouTube, a platform on which he has 1.3 million subscribers, explains that to be "youtuber" or "instagrammer '" you don't need a degree, however, highlights the importance of preparing to live on something else besides networks.

"If you have no knowledge of what you're doing, you won't go far", he says. He believes that everyone must have general knowledge and be astute, in addition to common sense.

Adolfo Lora is a graduate of Broadcast Media with a concentration in Audiovisual Production by the Faculty of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts of the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM), a prestigious university of the Dominican Republic.

Lora said he studied this career because, despite the fact that his parents had the intention of directing and promoting university studies for their son after school, in the Dominican Republic, since 2010, a film law has been in force that has allowed the cinematic industry expand in the country.

"My intentions were to prepare myself in Cinematography to produce and direct films. I never had in mind to be the protagonist of my own stories, making jokes, social experiments, or interrupting the lives of civilians in the streets. All this changed when I started meeting personalities on YouTube who recorded themselves, telling their stories and recording their lives", says Lora.

In the same way, Lora has ensured not blurring these first intentions, despite the success he has achieved as a digital media personality. "I have been considered as an influencer, both by my fans and the brands themselves. The last ones, who have written to me to be their communication support and this has elevated me as a person with some credibility", he said.

When it comes to monetizing, the digital celebrity hasn't been very complicated, admitting that the brands are the ones that must adapt to the new ways of communicating their products. He claims that he obtains monetary benefits from both YouTube and Instagram, depending on the way.

The youtuber also indicated that "you have to be intelligent and skillful to see who one is related to or not in this world". In his case, the platform that generates the most income is YouTube, although he uses Instagram to promote his content, since brands see this social media as a way to advertise their products or services.

As for YouTube, Lora monetizes, for the most part, by two aspects: by the number of impressions in his videos and by the brands that are advertised through his videos. The youtuber ensures that, in order to "live" from YouTube, you have to make good content based on the knowledge you have of your audience and what they expect from you, and be responsible for publishing the videos on time, since subscribers are very pending. "If Dominican brands were like foreign brands and placed on YouTube, I had an empire (between laughs)", says Lora.

As for monetization through Instagram, his work is benefited by performing the work of influencer. He assures that the brands are the ones who locate him and, depending on the contact or taste that Adolfo Lora has about the brand, then they begin to collaborate.

"On Instagram, I try to ensure that the content advertised, even if it is a benefit, is always organic. For that, I always veil for having tried the brand or that I like your products before (in case of brands I don't know)", Lora affirms, while saying that the audience clearly perceives when an influencer is speaking lies or being paid by the brands they prescribes.

So far, the youtuber doesn't have plans to study any master, as for now he wants to "ensure delivery of quality content to his subscribers and followers, both on YouTube and Instagram". This happens because university studies prevented the audiovisual producer from being able to publish on time in their social networks, since the homework demanded time.

"In the future, I'd like to teach young people to make audiovisual productions for themselves; to be youtubers. You can really have benefits from this, but always being responsible with the digital community that follows our content", Lora confirmed.

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