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Malayalam film "The Dolphins", directed by Diphan, has opened in theatres with positive reviews. The film, starring Suresh Gopi, Anoop Menon, Kalpana and Meghana Raj in pivotal roles, has been widely reviewed as a film with a cleverly plotted story-line and a brilliant climax.

The story of the movie revolves around Panayamuttam Sura (Suresh Gopi), who rose to riches from rags and runs a chain of bars in Thiruvananthapuram, under the name "Dolphin Bar." He leads a comfortable life with his wife Kochuvava (Kalpana) and their children.

Though wealthy, he always feels left out in the high class community as he does not possess any highly sophisticated personality. Though he limits his social life to his close friends, they help him try to get out of this reclusiveness. However, things take a turn as an unknown woman enters his life.

Most of the critics are impressed by the way in which the film is packed with witty one-liners and dialogues, which in a way has managed to keep the audience engaged from the start till the end.

The reviewers also said the performance of the actors, especially by Suresh Gopi and Kalpana, deserved a special mention. The technical aspects and the songs are also counted among the positive factors in the film's package.

Read "The Dophins" reviews by various critics below:

"'The Dolphins' is not exactly a director's movie, though Diphan has done a decent job," according to "Anoop Menon has stuck to his familiar style in scripting but he did pull off a coup of sorts in the end with a memorable parting blow. Jithu Damodar's frames are beautiful and the settings are fabulous."

"M.Jayachandran's songs including the remix are soothing. Gopi Sundar's BGM is keeping in with the pace of the movie. 'The Dolphins' may be a movie that is formulaic for most parts but with a surprising and enlivening end it may leave a good feeling in the mind," added the report.

Meanwhile, Film Beat is of the view that "Suresh Gopi shines as Panayamuttam Sura, with his extra-ordinary acting skills; especially in the climax scenes. But the Trivandrum slang used by the actor sounds artificial at some points.

"Kalpana, who played Sura's wife Kochuvava, is the star of the movie. The actress makes the audience awestruck with her exuberance in comic scenes and under acting in emotional scenes.

"Anoop Menon's character Nandan is an extension of his earlier characters. The actor is fine in his repetitive role; but definitely need to improve his acting skills and should develop his own acting style. Meghna Raj looks completely convincing in her role. Another actor who deserves a special applause is Nishanth Sagar, who mesmerizes audience with his impeccable comic timing. Rest of the cast also did complete justice to their roles," the website added.

Another website, Indiaglitz, wrote: "The movie has a serving of no-holds-barred adult humour .A special note must be made of these witty one-liners/dialogue, which is a replica of exactly how many youth converse these days. The screenplay which mishmashes different happenings with the life of Sura, are cleverly plotted, which keeps you engaged till the end.

"Add to that the appealing twist in tale in the climax which give it a life as a feel good entertainer, 'Dolphin bar' must feel safe in a already crowded market. "Dolphins' is a film which leaves you with a happy feeling. It is worth a watch, at least for naughty jokes, outrageous lines and good execution."