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Dolly Ki Doli actor Parass Saluja, who is now a producer too, takes discipline in life very seriously. Inspired by the idea of being fit, he has launched a fitness video Step-Up that is getting a lot of appreciation on social media.

He is often found quoted "Discipline is a call, a decision that says I will consistently do things that I need to achieve, the objectives that I would like to succeed in. Sometimes, it's easier to aforesaid than done. The great part is that discipline is sort of a muscle. A lot of you strive to use it, the better it will be to create. Discipline is the vicinity of your daily routine. Being fit becomes a habit."

This inspiration and disciplined was so well rubbed off to his office teams that one of his office boys started to work out in workplace itself post the office hours with no appropriate equipment and yet achieved good results.

Like it is said, motivation, discipline and results from it are infectious. This inspired Parass to take a step closer to fitness and launched his new fitness video Step-Up which has become popular on social media.