Several rumours have been surfacing over the internet regarding the cast of the next series of BBC's sci-fi show "Doctor Who." One of the most recent ones states that Peter Capaldi, the 12th and the current Doctor, will be leaving the series soon.

Several cast members, like Jenna Coleman, Catherine Tate and Colin Baker, have stated that now is the time to introduce a female Doctor to the series, something that has never happened in the 53-year-old history of the show. Even Steven Moffat, the show-runner of the show, has expressed his interest in seeing a female Doctor in the near future.

Most recently, Matt Smith, who portrayed the 11th Doctor, also expressed his interest in seeing a female as the show's protagonist. As reported by The Guardian, during a promotional event for his latest play titled "Unreachable," when a fan asked him how her daughter could become the Doctor, Smith said, "Well, she has a chance."

"I think a lady Doctor could be close. And would be fun. So practice, practice, practice. And talk really fast. And think really fast. And be really brave. And mad. And silly. And good luck maybe it will be you!"

Smith also talked about being still recognised as the Doctor by his fans, though he doesn't play the role anymore. According to Radio Times, though he is happy with the tag, he is hoping that his fans will remember him for some other roles too.

"I'm very grateful for everything 'Doctor Who' has done for me," Smith said, "It's opened more doors than it's closed. Like everything it's a process of time. In ten years, hopefully, I'll be known for something else."

The exact air date of "Doctor Who" Series 10 has not been announced yet. However, it is expected to premiere sometime in 2017.