Peter Capaldi will reprise his role of the twelfth Doctor from previous seasons
Peter Capaldi will reprise his role of the twelfth Doctor from previous seasonsFacebook / Doctor Who

Steven Moffat, the show-runner of popular science-fiction series "Doctor Who," has confirmed that he won't return for further instalments of the series and it seems that his departure from the show will also lead to the exit of one of the most prominent characters of the series.

The BBC had announced Moffat's exit from the show in January this year and now Peter Capaldi, who plays the titular character of Twelfth Doctor, has also hinted that he might not return for the next season of "Doctor Who." 

Referring to the long break "Doctor Who" is taking, Capaldi talked about his return once the show returns in 2017. In an interview with Radio Times, Capaldi said: "I've been asked to stay on, but it's such a long time before I have to make that decision." 

"I don't know where the show's gonna go then. I don't know. I have to make up my mind, and I haven't yet," Capaldi added.

As reported by MNR Daily, Capaldi has stated that Series 10 could be his final year and "it is terrifying." Though the actor admitted that he loves playing the Doctor on the show, he wants to do other projects too and said that the show can be "quite an insular world." 

As stated by Christian Today, Capaldi has said that Series 10 will be "action-packed" and "less emotional" than the previous instalments. He also said that there will be more space exploration in the upcoming episodes.

Christian Today also reported that the Doctor will face new alien threat in the upcoming season that will take him "to the forefront of the cosmic battlefield."

Mirror UK had reported that Jenna Coleman, who played the companion of Doctor in previous seasons, won't return for Series 10 of the series as she will play Queen Victoria in the upcoming drama series "Victoria."

"Doctor Who" Series 10 is speculated to premiere sometime in 2017. There has been no official information regarding the release date yet.